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Advertising creates “image.” Media coverage creates something far more important: credibility.

How you handle a media appearance immediately influences the way you and your company are perceived. Your performance can enhance — or harm — your reputation and your brand. With expert coaching, a media interview becomes your secret weapon. Without preparation, it’s an opportunity lost.

Candace BelAir is the consummate “media insider.” An Emmy Award-winning journalist, she has conducted thousands of interviews, from the “man on the street” to President George Bush. Now she shares her valuable first-hand knowledge with you.

With the benefit of Candace's "in the trenches" experience, you'll learn:

This program is specifically designed for the high-profile executive. It’s focused, practical, and actionable. You’ll view video clips demonstrating the “do’s and don’ts” of being interviewed. You’ll be video-recorded — over and over — in mock interviews. With professional feedback and guidance, you’ll quickly and dramatically improve your skills in all types of media interviews and appearances.


Candace has coached hundreds of corporate leaders who are now the “go to” experts, called on by reporters again and again. As the result of this training, YOU will soon be one of them.

Latest Testimonial

“The feedback we received is that your presentation was the best part of our conference. You addressed exactly what we needed. Thank you so much for customizing your content for our audience.”
—Nancy DiFrancia, Director of Human Resources, Comcast

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