Leadership Communication

Do you "walk it like you talk it"?

How do exceptional leaders inspire and motivate their teams? Through exceptional communication. To succeed as a leader, you must communicate with clarity and impact.

This nuts-and-bolts, time-tested program is guaranteed to hone your interpersonal, organizational and external communication. In short, it will sharpen your “people skills.”

It starts with a self-assessment tool that determines which of the four common communication styles is dominant for you. With this information, you’ll gain new insights into your innate, predictable behavior when interacting with others. You’ll learn about your interpersonal strengths… and limitations.

Everyone relies primarily on one of these four communication styles. However, what works best in communicating with one person doesn’t necessarily work with another. The next step is to discover how to successfully interact with those whose approach is different from yours.

You'll learn:

Additionally, you’ll receive valuable tips for successfully leading and facilitating meetings, specifically how to:


As a leader, your “walk” and “talk” must be congruent, and convey confidence and authority. As part of this program, you’ll practice using verbal and non-verbal cues to demonstrate presence; you’ll learn to choose strong, decisive language over tentative, weak vocabulary; and you’ll discover the top three ways to persuade others to your point of view.

Effective Leadership Communication inspires others to cooperate, contribute, and when called to do so, “go the extra mile.” After attending this program, you’ll have the tools to communicate clearly and effectively, so that you gain commitment from those you lead.

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“The feedback we received is that your presentation was the best part of our conference. You addressed exactly what we needed. Thank you so much for customizing your content for our audience.”
—Nancy DiFrancia, Director of Human Resources, Comcast

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